Chicago Residential Masonry Contractor

Residential Masonry Chicago

If you are still looking for a residential masonry contractor in Chicago area, why not call us for your masonry project? Liprus U Masonry Inc. has been providing exceptional residential masonry construction services for the past 9 years. Our experience in the field is unmatched by any other residential masonry contractor within the big city of Chicago, Illinois. Our teams are carefully chosen and employed with high qualifications and credentials in providing this particular service to give you the same high level of satisfaction for Chicago masonry. So why choose us?

Aside from our well-recognized and dependable name in the city of Chicago and pretty much in every suburbs and community in the area, our Masonry Company is backed up by a stupendous and impressive amount of positive feedback and customer ratings in addition to 9 years of professional masonry experience. Our services are comprehensive and accomplish all the hard work and labor from the initiation to the completion of the Chicago masonry project.

Chicago Masonry Residential Contractor

Chicago residential masonry construction projects

Our Chicago residential masonry construction projects will yield only the best results with not so much impact on your  budget. We offer free estimates on a particular project onsite that are formulated reasonably and professionally. Liprus U Masonry Inc. is also willing to  negotiate the prices you are most comfortable with in  order to sit well with your limited budget. No other residential masonry contractor in Chicago offers this kind of  flexibility and control over your residential masonry projects.

Chicago residential masonry services:

Cultured Stone and Eldorado Stone Veneers
Interior and exterior nonstructural veneer projects, such as house fronts, chimneys, foundations, fireplaces, freestanding walls and building exteriors.

Natural Stone Construction
Liprus U Masonry Inc. is a well trained stone masonry company with over 9 years of experience constructing and restoring stone fireplaces, chimneys, and other masonry structures in Chicago IL. Liprus U Masonry specialty is providing comprehensive results for projects requiring stone restoration, drywall stone, stucco restoration, new stonework, bricklaying, tuck pointing, building and restoration of fireplaces and chimneys

Masonry Fireplaces and Chimneys – Repair and New Construction
Complete service building masonry fireplaces, relining chimneys, restoring and repairing existing chimneys and refacing your fireplace. Rumford, Tile, Brick, Marble, New Construction fireplaces and chimneys.

Masonry Education – Consulting
Let Custom Masonry and Fireplace Design guide you through your next home renovation masonry project. We have the masonry information, training, tools, and techniques to answer your questions.

Masonry Brick Work
Masonry Contractor: Bricklayer, Restorations, Brick Fireplaces & Fireplace Repair, Patios, Sidewalks, Walls, Arches, Repairs, Custom Brick Work

Masonry Block
Concrete block construction, block arches and columns

Masonry BBQs – Outdoor Barbecues
Outdoor Grills, Gas Grills, BBQ Grills, Bar-B-Que Pits, BBQ Islands